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Note: If you want to have the very best technology training in real estate than look no further. There is no better option than Matt Ahlmann. He will introduce proven strategies and marketing techniques that will undoubtedly improve every attendees efficiency and marketability. Matt takes rather complex marketing solutions and delivers them in a straight forward, yet non threatening manner, therefore encouragaing and inspiring all attendees. If you don’t have agents outside talking about how much they loved your technology training, then chances are you didn’t book Matt Ahlmann.

Real Estate Marketing State of the Union

Great Tech Opening

It’s critical that you have the most up to date data and industry statistics. Only then will you be able to fully appreciate the value and benefit made available to all real estate professionals. If you want to bring your office up to speed or if you’re looking to start off your event the right way, this is the perfect session.

– Up to date consumer data
– Buyer / seller trends
– Case studies supporting the evolution of technology
– Social Media Principles that all agents should know and be aware of
– Build your brand and generate more online leads with video
– iPad Must Have Apps in Real Estate – Paperless Technology
– Executable plan for all attendees

Generate More Online Leads with Video

Video Is The Future

Interested in generating more online leads, and building a true online identity? If so then this is a must-attend training session. Video marketing is one of the greatest tools to ever be used by real estate professionals. Executing an effective video marketing campaign will undoubtedly help you stand out from the competition. Best of all, most video marketing resources are completely free.

– Build your online brand with video
– Video ideas and concepts
– Learn how to create professionally, edited videos in minutes
– Set up and brand your YouTube channel

Mastering Your iPad and All That It Can Do!

Put Your iPad To Work

The introduction of the iPad has literally changed the lives of thousands of real estate professionals. It is a true tool that can be immediately implemented into your daily practices to make you a much more efficient and effective agent. This training session is one of the most highly sought after in the industry and you will walk away with the knowledge that you need to be an even better agent.

– Prepare and sign contracts
– Manage client folders and documents
– Become a paperless agent
– Create awesome videos with your iPad

Mobile Technology and All That You Can Do

Get Up To Date Tech Info

Social marketing and mobile technology are becoming even more important in your daily real estate activities. Many agents are confused and frustrated with the true value of mobile technology. This training session offers a detailed and comprehensive overview of various technologies including social networking, online video, iPad, and mobile applications. If you’re looking to excite a group of real estate professionals with the power of technology, this is the training session for you.

– The Importance of Technology in Real Estate
– Social Networking Strategies
– Use Video to Increase Listing Presentation Closings
– Online Video Examples
– Prepare and Manage Documents with Your iPad
– Sign Documents on Your iPad

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