Marketing Tips

The Advantage of Working Out of the Office

There are a lot of people out there whose careers benefit from spending time working outside of the office. The title of “REALTOR” is one of these positions that gives you a great reason to work outside of the office – at least a few times a week. Besides the obvious open house scenario or […]

Entertaining Real Estate Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

I know I typically blog about real estate tips and trends, but I thought it would be fun to share some little-known real estate facts in this one. Read on to learn some interesting real estate facts that you may not have heard about before:  1 – Chinese builders are capable of constructing a 30-story […]

3 New Online Marketing Concepts for Your Business

It seems that there’s always a new tool, trick, or tip to help grow your business. Rather than bog you down with 20 new ideas, I decided to pick 3 topics that I truly believe will help you to grow your business in 2016. Read on to learn more. Social Media Advertising If you haven’t […]

Imperative Questions to Ask Your Lender

If you don’t want a real estate transaction to dissolve into nothing in the last few days before closing, then there are some important questions that you should be asking the lender. 1 – “The pre-qualification letter is cute, but has their income been confirmed?” Often buyers are given pre-qual letters based on their stated […]