Stop Making Excuses for Not Having a YouTube Presence

Stop Making Excuses for Not Having a YouTube Presence

If you aren’t using video and using it to market, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Some of the main cop-outs that I hear for people not using video to reach an audience online are the following: 1.“No one will want to watch my videos.” 2. “I’m embarrassed by the thought of having my […]

You Should be Able to Brand Your Virtual Tours on the MLS

Currently, real estate agents are paying a fee to be a member of the Multiple Listings Service (MLS). Even though they are paying customers, they are not allowed to have any personal or company branding on their virtual tours. I completely disagree with this rule, and here is why: You, the real estate agent, are […]

What’s Holding You Back From Video Marketing?

One of the biggest responses that I have received when asking, “Why are you not marketing yourself through video?”, has been – IM AFRAID. I then follow that up with, “would you rather be afraid…or make more money?” I completely understand being concerned with how we are perceived on video; whether it’s the way we […]