Marketing Tips

Are You Being Effected by the Zillow-Trulia Merger?

This blog will give you solid advice on how you can assist your clients in a manner that online real estate portals cannot. The Zillow-Trulia, or “Zulia” merger was essentially inevitable as both companies were in direct competition, but how will this affect real estate agents? With websites helping people find homes to buy and list their homes, you […]

What’s Holding You Back From Video Marketing?

One of the biggest responses that I have received when asking, “Why are you not marketing yourself through video?”, has been – IM AFRAID. I then follow that up with, “would you rather be afraid…or make more money?” I completely understand being concerned with how we are perceived on video; whether it’s the way we […]

Content Strategy Matters

As I travel the country preaching the importance of online positioning through the various social platforms available, I continue to witness the frustration of those who create accounts but fail to move forward with posting. The classic comment I hear tends to be, “l don’t know what to post.” Believe me, I get it…there are […]